Useful properties of growth hormone for the body

Useful properties of growth hormone for the body

Growth hormone (somatotropin) is a hormone produced by the pituitary gland. Its main function is to ensure the growth of the body during adolescence. Active growth processes continue up to 20-25 years. In the future, the level of the hormone decreases.

Due to the effect of growth hormone on body weight, with age, a person becomes more prone to weight gain, including a decrease in the amount of somatotropin. It is very important to know how to properly use growth hormone for weight loss for men and women, in particular, the scheme of application, dosage, contraindications and other important features you can Visit site for more information.

Growth hormone has many beneficial effects. The main ones include:

  • anabolic effect (muscle gain);
  • anti-catabolic effect (slowing down the processes of muscle destruction);
  • decrease in appetite;
  • increase in height before the age of 26 (growth zones are not closed yet);
  • strengthening bones;
  • improved energy use;
  • acceleration of wound healing;
  • body rejuvenation.

The greatest distribution of growth hormone is received on drying. This term is understood as a special weight loss, in which they strive to burn excess fat to the maximum while maintaining as much muscle mass as possible. Traditionally, cutters follow a low-carb diet and train very intensively, usually with the help of circuit training.

The pituitary, throughout the day, secretes GH in the form of pulses, although the greatest amount is secreted at night at midnight and early in the morning. If during the day we perform a medium to high-intensity exercise, another peak of hormone secretion occurs, of great quantity but short duration.