Tickle Your Funny Bone – Top Telugu Comedy Films on ahaOTT

Tickle Your Funny Bone – Top Telugu Comedy Films on ahaOTT

Laughter is the global language of entertainment. And in Telugu movies, funny moments have always been famous, making people laugh all over. Now, you can watch these hilarious movies online anytime with aha OTT. Check out some of the best Telugu comedy movies on aha video that will make you laugh!

  1. Ambajipeta Marriage Band

Ambajipeta Marriage Band is a Telugu comedy film released in 2024. It is about life in a small town called Ambajipeta in Andhra Pradesh. The story revolves around Malli and Padma, twins raised by Kanaka, who owns a salon. Malli becomes a skilled barber working in a wedding band, while Padma works as a teacher.

There’s gossip about Padma’s feelings for Venkata Babu, which causes tension. Venkata is a businessman, and his involvement complicates the story. The movie explores themes of love across different backgrounds and the challenges faced by the characters. It shows how society’s opinions affect relationships and highlights the power of true love.

  1. Bootcut Balaraju

The Telugu comedy film features Syed Sohel, Meghalekha, Sunil, Siri Hanmanth, Indraja, Avinash, Saddam, and more. It’s directed by Sree Koneti and produced by Md. Pasha. Bheems Ceciroleo is the music director, and Shyam K. Naidu is the cinematographer.

The story revolves around Bootcut Balaraju (played by Syed Sohel), who is seen as a lazy person in his village. Patelamma (played by Indraja) is highly respected in the village for her caring nature. Mahalaxmi (played by Meghalekha), Patelamma’s daughter, is Balaraju’s childhood friend.

Both Siri (played by Hanmanth Siri) and Mahalaxmi express their love for Balaraju. Balaraju chooses Mahalaxmi, but his challenges are far from over. The movie explores what happens next and the difficulties Balaraju must overcome.

  1. Sapthagiri Express

Sapthagiri, who was part of Prema Katha Chitram, has decided to try further as a lead actor by taking part in Sapthagiri Express, directed by Arun Pawar and can be seen on aha. In the movie, Sapthagiri plays the role of a man named Shiva Prasad, whose father is a head constable and wants his son to become an IAS officer rather than pursue his dream of becoming an actor.

Despite the adversity, Sapthagiri is appointed as a police constable by chance. The film explores the events that lead to this change, what happens to his acting aspirations, and the challenges he faces as a cop.

  1. Selfie Raja

Selfie Raja, played by Allari Naresh, is a carefree young man who happily marries the daughter of a police commissioner, portrayed by Kamna Ranaut and Nagineedu respectively. But trouble brews when his father-in-law clashes with a dangerous criminal, leading the criminal to sabotage Selfie Raja’s marriage.

Faced with despair, Selfie Raja decides to end his life and hires a contract killer, played by Ravi Babu, to shoot him. However, things turn unexpectedly when the contract killer brings a mysterious partner and unveils a surprising plan instead of carrying out the hit.

Curious about this special partner and their plan? You’ll have to catch the movie on aha to find out!

To conclude

Here are some incredible funny movies you can watch on the aha video. They have a bunch of Telugu comedy films. Whether you like silly jokes, clever talk, or touching funny stories, aha OTT has it all. So, chill out, enjoy, and get ready to laugh with these great Telugu comedies online!