Moving on to personal loans , we remember that there are two general types, namely

Moving on to personal loans , we remember that there are two general types, namely

Personal loans, the two types

Loans  aimed at the   purchase of a specific good or service, which are disbursed directly from the point of sale where the product is purchased in agreement with affiliated credit institutions, for which no particular guarantees or too complex bureaucratic procedures are required. Then there are  non-finalized loans  for which banks are addressed in particular to obtain a sum without the customer having to specify a priori how he will use the money: these have a short duration, between 12 and 120 months, in the which the beneficiary must repay the amount plus the expected interest Online payday loans no credit check.

Personal loan for the purchase and renovation of a property

When the amount necessary for the purchase of a property is not high, usually for an amount of less than 50 thousand euros , the personal loan can be an alternative solution for the purchase or renovation of the first home compared to the mortgage loan, which for low amounts are generally not disbursed as the investigation costs would be too burdensome for the buyer. Definitely,

the first home loan is recommended for those looking for a low-cost property , or for those who want to integrate a sum already available for the purchase of a valuable property or a high amount.

Furthermore, since the approval process for a loan is faster than a mortgage, it represents the suitable solution for those who have a certain urgency to receive the desired amount.