advantages of a sectional door

advantages of a sectional door

Let’s get to the point… Why buy a sectional door?

This particular mechanism allows to have multiple advantages. Here are some …


The first point is certainly to be dedicated to the theme of space, in fact with the sectional the overall sizes are insufficient both inner side and outer side as the door vanishes from the roof (or correspond to the wall). Various the overhead gates, in evidence, the sectional gate does not bulge and enables you to use the whole midst of the garage and to retain more area accessible to arrange tools, boxes and other material in the box. Furthermore, you can station safely in the region in guise of the garage gate without riding the hazard of harming the car when vacancy or shutting the fence residential garage doors suppliers in canada.


In addition to being a particularly innovative product, the sectional door is easy to maneuver and guarantees maximum silence and safety :

the doors are balanced with torsion springs, so if a rope breaks the door does not fall but the curtain remains suspended, causing the parachute system to intervene

there is a spring break device with immediate door stop

in the presence of an obstacle, the descent is reversed through the signal activated by the photocells

the panels are interlocking anti-crushing of the fingers


Sectional doors ensure excellent thermal and acoustic insulation and allow for greater insulation of the box . Furthermore, if the garage is located under the house, the advantage will be even greater.


There is a vast assortment of sectional door models , finishes and colors.


Being composed of non-polluting materials that allow thermal insulation and at the same time promote energy saving, sectional doors guarantee total respect for the environment . Furthermore, these closures are composed of a mechanical structure in galvanized steel and the sheet steel panels of the mantle prevent the formation of rust.


The benefits didn’t stop there! In fact, by purchasing a new sectional garage door you can take advantage of the 50% tax deduction in 10 years.